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Welcome to the artwork of Kathy A. Gray

Kathy A. Gray, a Minnesota native, has always been drawn to the magic and power of the ocean. In 1986 she moved to Marin County to live near San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Once here, she painted seascapes and became a passionate kayaker, often taking a camera along to capture scenes for her studio work. Also, Kathy enjoys painting portraits. Here is a sampling of her work.
Abraham Lincoln

This is a life-sized portrait of Abraham Lincoln, 44” x 72”, oil on canvas, inspired by an Alexander Gardner photograph taken two months before Lincoln’s death.

“For me,” says Gray, “this photo beautifully reflects Lincoln’s deep humanity. My objective was to bring his wisdom and warmth to life through his eyes and facial expression. To show his whole body, I found another of Gardner’s photos with Lincoln seated and combined the two halves. I feel I have succeeded in capturing the essence of this transformational leader so many of us revere.”

See the Purchase page for Limited Editions of fine art giclées on canvas or paper.

Lincoln 2012
44"x 72", Original Oil Painting on Canvas

Winner: Third-place ribbon at the 2013 Marin County Fair

artwork © 2013 Kathy A. Gray