Kathy Gray is an award winning artist & teacher. She works in oil, specializing in portraits, pet portraits, and landscapes.

Her most recent work, Abraham Lincoln, a life-size portrait of the 16th President, beautifully reflects Lincoln’s deep humanity. Many viewers have said, “He looks like he is alive”.

Kathy & Lincoln In Studio



Abraham Lincoln

“I know the talent of my sister, Kathy. I was so impressed to see the likeness of myself that she painted. She conveyed my personality quite well. Our daughters are pleased to see the portrait hanging on the wall when they come and visit. This painting means a lot to our family.”  – Tom Gray



Furry Friends

“I have always appreciated Kathy Gray’s artistic sensibility.  I have been working with her for years for all of my framing needs.  When I saw her stunning painting of Abraham Lincoln, I asked her if she could do a painting of my dog for a gift for my husband.  I gave her a copy of my favorite photo of my dog when he was a puppy.  She exceeded all of my expectations! She was gracious throughout the process and showed me her work in progress to make sure I was happy.  We love the painting (22″ x 28″).  I look at the painting every day and couldn’t be happier!” –  I am honored to make a recommendation for you. Nelle.


Bear (Maine Coon Cat)